San Ricardo Universe

*the following page includes spoilers for Grey, The Chief, The Twins, & Remo*


Charles "The Chief" Dane (not his real name) 

Grey. Birth name: Amira Romero, later Martí

Remo White (the older twin)

Vegas White

Their twin girl babies (Born after the events in The Twins)

Tara Edge

Seth Edge

Ryan McLaine (Deceased) 

Máximo “Mr. Martí” Martí Arias (Deceased)

Gio (one of Mr. Martí's wingmen) 

Alexis Nina Blanco (Charles' mom) (Deceased)

 The Romero Family (Grey's wealthy family) 

Carey Jean (Former teen childstar, Tara adopts her after the events in The Twins

Alicia (Charles's ex) 

San Ricardo Fun Facts


San Ricardo is a (fictive) small California town near the US American/Mexican border. 

San Ricardo Police Department (Where the Chief, the twins, and Tara work) 

The Gated Community (created ten years ago by the Chief) 

Leipzig Street (where all the sketchy people hang) 

Los Angeles (where the crew moves post The Chief's events)

Bel Air (Carey Jean's home)