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She’s Daddy’s little rockstar.

I won’t lie to you.

This is a story about a power-hungry man.

And his addict, fame-hungry son.

Then, there’s Kyla Sky. That’s me.

I was forced to fend for myself at an early age. In return, my dreams came true: Be a popstar and date the boy of your dreams. Braxton Williams is the boy I’ve always loved. There’s little left for me to achieve. But soon, my happiness starts to fade.

My boyfriend cheats on me and quickly becomes my ex after a highly publicized break-up. The only problem is that my ex is my manager’s son. Jay Williams is one of the most powerful men in the music industry.

But he always has my back.

He’s been making my heart beat faster for a long time.

In the turmoil of my life, he’s the one who stands by my side. I may feel safe with Jay, but I know he’s dangerous.

Provoking him is a huge mistake.

But I do it anyway.

This is an unsafe story. It includes dark elements and intense scenes that may be considered inappropriate for some. I’m a reverse harem author, so you know my motto. Why choose when you can have both?

Cruel Oath

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Can't get enough of Víctor's family? 

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Melt Away

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San Ricardo

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When The Sun Goes Down

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Wraith Royals

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