San Ricardo Universe

Content Warning Lists

Grey #1

This novella includes some of the darkest chapters I’ve ever had to write.

Domestic abuse, sexual abuse, graphic violence, graphic language, incestual relations, date rape drug usage. 

None of the above is glorified.

Views expressed by the characters in this book do not represent my views. There is a clear separation. Máximo is a bitch. He’s not romanticized.

Don’t get used to him.

He’s DEAD in The Chief where we follow Grey’s journey to recovery.

The events that happen in this novella are shrouded in mystery. If you’re new to me as an author, you might find yourself a bit confused, but bear with me! You can do it.

You don’t know who the mystery assassin is. That’s on purpose.

All I’ll say to those who have read The Chief already: It’s one of the twins.

This novella has a crossover event with my other series, Wraith Royals. If you’re interested in Katantia and its dark world of sex, you can find the first book here: Exposed (Wraith Royals 1)

It isn’t necessary to read the Wraith Royals to understand The Chief. 

The Chief #2

SELF-HARM as an obsessive-compulsive disorder is a major theme. Dub-con/Non-con on-page. Sexual abuse and domestic abuse off-page. Polyamory with reverse harem elements (MF with age gap, MFM with twins). The heroine has multiple lovers, so this isn’t cheating. 

There is discussion of human trafficking. 

Some characters are extra, and some readers might consider them offensive. 

There is a HEA (with a somewhat open ending, too, but I promise you they’re happy in the end).

The Twins #3

I have stretched certain medical conditions concerning the female anatomy to suit my vision for the story. 

Periods all over that bitch

Multiple partners, reverse harem



Attempted suicide

Mentions of war & PTSD caused by war


Remo #3.5

Remo attempted suicide in The Twins. This is briefly discussed in this short novella.

Other than that, this is an over-the-top MM novella.