Books entered my life for good when I picked up Harry Potter as a young teen. It went on with the Twilight Saga, which I consumed so much that they became the first books I ever read in English (at the time, English was a foreign language I was taught in school). Twilight impacted me so much that I started writing ideas and stories down in my mother tongue. I wrote dystopian vampire novels back then, and I even printed it out with a self-made cover!

For a while, books and writing were replaced by singing and performing. Years later, in the summer before my high school graduation, I was curious about the After series by Anna Todd. I heard of this new Wattpad phenonemon, and I knew I had to read it. I binged the books in the week of my last school trip. That kickstarted my romance writing experience. I was immensely inspired by Todd and what she'd achieved in her career. I made an account on Wattpad and began sharing my stories. For two years, Wattpad was my sanctuary. Every day, I'd share a chapter, my thoughts. Because the nature of my books can be quite scandalous at times, and I'd started to reach a big audience that wasn't able to handle the content, the platform deleted my account, crushing my dreams.

Next to being an author, I'm also a cat lover apparently? It's a very recent discovery. Here are some of the cutest cats I've ever met. 

The year that I lost my outlet, I embarked on a life-changing journey to the United Kingdom, where I was an ERASMUS student at the University of Sheffield. While I was there, I explored the country and didn't pick up the pen once (I only wrote when I was going home to visit my parents). That year boosted my confidence and showed me that I could do things unimaginable to the little me that was writing (truly unrealistic) dystopian vampire novels. 

On my first vacation with my family after my year in the United Kingdom, I picked up a reading habit I had forgotten I even had in me. There are a lot of factors that came together to make me write again, but I personally credit L. J. Shen's books with my return to books and writing. If it weren't for COVID-19 and my new-found obsession with book blogging about steamy romance novels (I read and reviewed over 300 novels/novellas in one year), I would have never thought that there was a place for me to write and be free. 

The indie world is my home, and I'm forever grateful that I found my way to you. 

(Some of) My Favorite Books

One of my favorite books: Havoc, C. M. Stunich, reverse harem, romance, bully romance, enemies to lovers
One of my favorite books: Long Shot, Kennedy Ryan, Basketball Romance, Sports Romance
One of my favorite books: Credence, Penelope Douglas, age gap romance, reverse harem
Some of my favorite books to read: Lover Eternal, J. R. Ward, Spirit Bound, Richelle Mead, Degradation, Stylo Fantome, Monster In His Eyes, J. M. Darhower, bdsm romance, dark romance, age gap romance, trigger warnings
One of my favorite books: Mariah Carey, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, autobiography, biography

Lover Eternal, J. R. Ward

Spirit Bound, Richelle Mead

Degradation, Stylo Fantome

Monster in his Eyes, J. M. Darhower